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If you meet with any question about product delivery, product key, program registration, backup or update and more, please read FAQs on this page and important tips on "Product key" page carefully to figure out whether there are relevant answers you need. If you still have relevant question or problem, please email us.
    What's the difference between the free-trial and the full version?
  • The only difference between the free and pro version is: there is an advertisement slide added to the end of slideshow created by the free-trail version and a "Demo Template" watermark was added to the advanced theme. After you order the full version and register the program, this slide and watermark will be removed.
    How can I make an order without credit card?
  • To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable) please use the online form by clicking the following URL:[300181783]=1and then choose one of these payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, you will find the appropriate information on how to send your payment to our payment service provider.
    If you place your order successfully, please send us your order information, we will send you registration information as soon as possible.
    After installing flash slide show maker in my computer, I cannot open it successfully, and there pop up a error info "flash slide show maker has to be closed …"
  • You need to install Adobe flash player v9.0 (or above) in your computer.
    How long will take for the shipment after I order it?
  • The delivery of Flash slide show maker is via download. You can download and install the latest Professional version by clicking any time. You will receive the registration name and code immediately after you finish ordering procedures. (* If you do not receive your code after several hours, please check your spam filtering in case that our registration email gets marked as spam and sorted into a "junk" folder or deleted. You may also send email to to request that your code be resent to another email account owned by you. ) You can use registration name and code which you received to unlock trial limitation and get full version.
    If you do not receive your registration code on time, you can get the key by yourself here:
    Can I run Flash slide show maker in MAC?
  • Sorry, our Flash slide show maker is not compatible with MAC.
    Can I upload two slide shows in the same page on my website?
  • Yes, this is available. If you want to get this effect, please send your email to , then we will send you a package of this tutorial.
    I cannot launch the program after installing it. Or an error occurs and the program closed automatically when using it. Why?
  • We have tested the program strictly and it is compatible with Windows series: 2000/NT/XP/Vista. It is probably because of your system or other applications installed. Please uninstall our program first. Then, scan your computer for viruses and repair the system bug by system repair tools and also updating the system. After that, restart your pc and install the program again. Besides, you can also install the program in another pc to test whether it launches OK or not to judge whether it is because of your system.
    In the advanced theme, I have set the transition effects, but when publishing it, the slide show still goes on with random transition effect. Why?
  • You need to click "Build All" button to save all the effects you have set.
    Can I customize the movie size to make it compatible with the website?
  • Yes, you can adjust the frame size by changing data in the width and height boxes in "Customize Properties">"Global">"Movie Size">"Width" and "Height".
    In the advanced theme, how can I cancel the pan and zoom effect?
  • Just set the "Ken Burns Effect" in the "Customize Properties">"Global" to be "False".
    Can I make some descriptions on the pictures in my slide show?
  • Yes, you can do this by entering text in the "Description" box in the "Property" panel under "Photo" tab.
    Can I set the font in my description?
  • Yes, please enter the following tab in the description box: <font face=" ", color=" ", size=" "> YOUR TEXT </font>
    After I publish the slide show, I find that when I click on the slide show, it opens a new page about your ads there, how can I remove this link?
  • Just delete the URL link in the "URL" box in the "property" panel under "Photo" tab.
    I have entered my URL link there, after publishing it I want to see that page in the same window instead of opening a new window, how?
  • Please click "Preference">"Options", then you will see "URL target" box in the "Option" dialog, there are four choices in the drop-down menu for you, you can choose "_parent", then your page will open in the your current window.
    Can I make a slide show to be played in the full screen?
  • Yes, the following 6 templates can achieve this: WebAlbum [bottomList], WebAlbum [PageFlip], WebAlbum [Bottomthumbnail], WebAlbum [Topthumbnail], WebAlbum [FullScreenViewer] and WebAlbum [Dynamicbox].
    Can I have an audio control in the slide show?
  • Yes, the following templates can do this: WebAlbum [PageFlip], WebAlbum [Topthumbnail], WebAlbum [Photostack], WebAlbum [FullScreenViewer], WebAlbum [Wall] and WebAlbum [Dynamicbox].
    When I publish my slide show to Skyalbum, there is a "load fail" prompt. How can I resolve this?
  • First, please confirm that your whole file does not exceed 2M, or you cannot upload it successfully.
    Second, you can change the name of your flash file and html file in "Publish" panel to be another same name, such as 1.swf and 1.html, and try to upload it again.
    Then, if your problem persists, please send us your username and password, and we will check it for you.
    Notice: You cannot change name of the xml file, that is, slide.xml is a default name.
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