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    Q: What can the software do for me?
  • A: MP3 CD Converter is a MP3 to Audio CD converting software, it burns your MP3 collections to make a normal Audio CD which can be played in home or car stereo.MP3 CD Converter can also import audio CD tracks from several Audio CDs for burning CDR easily.
    Q: Why use normalizing features?
  • A: The volume of MP3 files from various source may be very different from each other. The normalizing feature ensures all tracks in the burned CD have the same volume level.
    Q: How many songs can be burned on a CD?
  • A: You can burn maximum 100 songs on a CD. However, about 13 - 20 songs can be burned because the normal CD can only hold 74 minutes of audio.
    Q: Since the CD-R has 650M space and one MP3 file takes only 4-5MB, can I burn 120 MP3s on a CD-R?
  • A: No, because the audio data is compressed in MP3 file but the normal CD doesn't compress it, the MP3 files will be decompressed before being writing to CD-R. You can burn 74 minutes of audio (about 60M MP3 files) in one CD.
    Q: Can I append songs to a burned Audio CD since it still has some free space?
  • A: No,MP3 CD Converter writes audio CD in Disk-At-Once mode and the CD will be closed when finishing burning. Nothing can be appended any more. So burn all the tracks in one time.
    Q: Can I use CD-RW media to create Audio CD so I can reuse it next time?
  • A: Yes, you can burn MP3s to CD-RW media. However, the normal CD players and some CD-ROM can't recognize the CD-RW media. You can't listen the burned CD-RW with your Hi-Fi or car CD player.
    Q: Is the online order secure?
  • A: Yes, we use the online ordering services provided by ShareIt, which is a famous leading shareware ordering service company. You can click here to get more information.
    Q: When can I get the registration code after taking online ordering?
  • A: You can get the registration code instantly after successfully online ordering, the code will be also sent to your e-mail box within 1 minutes to 24 hours after your online order.
    Q: Is the upgrade free?
  • A: Yes, once you order the software, it's free to upgrade.
    Q: How many disc space need to burn an Audio CD?
  • A: MP3 CD Converter writes MP3 files to Audio CD on-the-fly, NO additional disc space is required.
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